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Finger Food - Asian

If it is a Taste of Asia your looking for ,we have a extensive range of Delicious ,Quick & Easy Asian finger food.Ideal for preparing a finger food platter or a Asian Style Soup . Steam ,Oven Bake or Shallow Fry. 

Mini spring rolls, samosas, curry puffs and pork wontons just to name a few.

Asian Finger Foods
Vegetable Cocktail Spring Rolls  24 portions
Vegetable Cocktail Spring Rolls  96 portions 
Vegetable Cocktail Samosas      24 portions
Vegetable Cocktail Samosas      96 portions
Oven Bake Cocktail Spring Rolls 54 portions

Oven Bake Cocktail Samosas     48 portions

Entertainers Mixed Pack            83 portions
Curry Mini Puffs                       50 portions
Thai Green Curry Puffs              50 portions
Potato Curry Puffs                    50 portions
Pork Wontons                          30 portions
Seafood Wontons                     30 portions
Pork Buns Mini                         12 portions
Chicken &Mushroom Buns Mini    12 portions
Prawn Toast                            40 portions
Prawn Gow Gee                       500 Grm Packs
Shao Mai                                500 Grm Packs

Pork Dumplings with Bok Choy   450 Grm Packs
Pork & Chive Dumplings               1  Kilo Packs
Chicken & Mushroom Dumplings    1  Kilo Packs
Thai Fish Cakes                          1  Kilo Packs
Beef Dim Sims Ovenable              1  Kilo Packs
Chicken Dim Sims Ovenable          1  Kilo Packs
Vegetable Dim Sims Ovenable       1  Kilo Packs

Fried Rice & Noodles 
Fried Rice Trays  2 Kilo
Fried Rice Trays  450 Grm
Fried Rice Trays  200 Grm
Stir Fried Hokkein Noodles 2 Kilo Trays
Hokkein Noodles  Raw 1 Kilo Packs