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Fresh Food - Beef

We work hand in hand with our Meat suppliers to bring our customers Australias best in Pasture Fed Beef.Cattle are raised on open green pastures allowing them to roam in free natural grass paddocks with access to fresh water and natural grasses.
Thus a deliciously flavour tender and natural marbled beef is produced.Being naturally grass fed this beef is a good source of unsaturated fats and Omega 3.

Our range includes new york steak, rib eye, scotch fillet,  rump steak and our lean fat free beef mince.

We also stock a variety of beef sausages  and succulent beef souvlaki for a great barbeque. Orders can be taken for any beef cut that may not be on display.

Minimum 24hrs notice is appreciated for Skewers

Beef Skewers

Beef Skewers Large $1.35 each ($64.00/BOX 48PCS)

Beef Skewers Small $0.75 each ($37.00/BOX 50PCS)

Flavours in the marinades that are available include: Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Lemon/Pepper, Honey Soy, Satay, Tangy BBQ.