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Fresh Food - Deli & Dips

No party or function is complete without our range of fresh dips,Cheeses and Cold Cuts.

French onion, tzatziki, hommus, eggplant and more are available. For your platter we have cocktail frankfurts, cabanossi, cold meat cuts and an assortment of cheeses. If you are barbequing you cannot go past our halloumi cheese, greek pita breads and chorizos.

From The Deli

  • Portion Control Butter (200pce)
  • Haloumi Cheese (250g)
  • Haloumi Cheese (750g)
  • Fetta Cheese (200g/1kg)
  • Cubed Cheese
  • Cocktail Frankfurts
  • Cabanossi
  • Chorizo Sausage
  • Astd. Cold Cuts
  • Astd. Gourmet Cheese Wedges
  • Pitta Bread Large/Small (10pkt)
  • Cheese Platters (48hrs)
  • Cold Cuts Platters (48hrs)


  • Astd. MJ Mezza Meditteranean Dips
  • Astd. Chris's Dips
  • Catering Size Dips (48hrs)