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Meals & Vegetables - Potato Products

Quick and convenient all of our potatoe products are easy to prepare .The next best thing to fresh.Just pop them in your oven or shallow fry and presto you have a side dish for your next meal.They are also great for hungry kids as a quick snack after school. 

As great side dish for breakfast we have  our hash browns and rustic cut potatoes.

Potato Products

  • Potato Chips (10mm) 5kg
  • Potato Chips (10mm) 2kg
  • Potato Wedges (2kg or Ctn)
  • Hash Browns (2kg)
  • Potato Bake (1kg/2kg)
  • Potato Gems (2kg)
  • Rustic Cut Potato (2kg)
  • ReadyRoast Potatos (2kg)