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Shire Foods provides a large range of pasta products to make dinner or your next event easy to cater for.

Our Pasta range starts from basics such as sauces, tortellini, ravioli and continues on to gnocchi and deluxe ravioli.

For your convenience we have ready to bake lasagna, cannelloni, pasta bakes and moussaka Heat and serve individual meals are also available as is our Italian garlic ciabatta bread which is a great accompaniment to any meal.

Pasta Products Frozen

Beef, Vegetable, Spinich/Ricotta Lasagne (1kg) Spinich & Ricotta Tortellini           
Beef Lasagne (1.3kg/2.5kg) Chicken Tortellini
Beef Canneloni (1kg/2kg) Pumpkin Ravioli
Vegetarian lasagne (2.5kg) Pumpkin Gnocci
Spinich lasagne (2.5kg) Potato Gnocci
Moussaka (2.1kg) Mario's Ricotta Ravioli
Maccaroni Cheese Mario's Spinich Ricotta Ravioli
Spinich & Ricotta Canneloni (2kg) Mario's large Ricotta Ravioli
Beef Ravioli Assorted Pasta Meals (500g)
Spinich & Ricotta Ravioli Assorted Pasta Sauces (500g)
Pumpkin, Ricotta & Walnut Ravioli Garlic Bread
Beef Tortellini Mix Potato Bake (1kg/2kg)
Beef Tortellini

Butter Nut Pumpkin Ricotta Tortelloni

Angus Beef Tortelloni

Beef Ravioli Small