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Seafood - Fish Fillets & Salmon

Freshly caught and then frozen fish fillets and skinless salmon portions make any meal easy to prepare.

We have a great selection starting from barramundi, snapper, hoki fillets and the list goes on.

Our salmon portions are a great meal starter, caught fresh and snap frozen retaining that all important omega 3.

Frozen Seafood

Smoked Sliced Salmon

Basa Fillets (1kg/5kg)
Salmon Portions Basa Fillets Marinated
Crumbed Prawn Cutlets Flathead Fillets
Seafood Marinara Mix                           Leatherjacket Fillets
Seafood Flakes Barrumundi Fillets
Seafood Sticks Coral Trout Fillets
Mussels (In Shell) Red Emperor Fillets
Mussels (Half Shell) Snapper Fillets
Mussel Meat Nile Perch Fillets
Fish Cakes Smoked Cod Fillets
Swordfish Steaks

Hoki Fillets Skinless

Tuna Steaks  

Australian Barramundi Fillets

Australian Snapper Fillets

Australian Flathead Fillets

Hoki Fillets Skinless