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Seafood - Squid , Scallops & Octopus

Seafood for summer or seafood for winter ,which ever time of the year it may be seafood is a favourite all year round. Summer time being the the season that many Australians enjoy a seafood feast.Barbequing the favourite way to cook up Squid/calamari,Scallops and octopus. 
Calamari is the italian word for squids.We stock calamari in various cuts raw and coated.Squid tubes,rings,or scored.Crumbed rings,Salt&Pepper,chips and salt & pepper strips.Whole squid tubes are suitable for cutting into rings,strips or stuffed for baking.Squid can be marinated with a variety of marinates and char grilled,stir-fried or deep-fried.

Cooking squid/calamari should be cooked either quickly over high heat or for a long time over low heat otherwise the flesh will be tough and stringy.


  • Whole Baby Squid
  • Raw Squid Rings
  • Squid Tubes
  • Pineapple Cut Squid

Scallops are small bivalves that grow in shells similar to oysters and clams.They swim thru waters by clapping the two sides of their shells together using a large muscle called a abductor.Scallops are mainly available out of their shell or half shell scallops with only part of the shell with the scallop attached.Some scallops have a mild flavoured orange to red colour roe attached or you can purchase them with out roe.
Scallops are so easy to cook ,you can use a number of cooking methods.They can be steamed, poached,pan-fried,deep-fried,stir-fried,baked grilled and barbecued.

Cooking scallops ,it is always better to under cook,rather than over cook them,leaving the centre still translucent,as they will continue to cook in the residual heat once they are removed from the pan.Perfectly cooked they should be sweet and succulent,with a gentle firmness.Over cooking them will make them tough and tasteless.


  • Scallops Roe Off
  • Scallops Roe on